Speakeasy in India

Speakeasy in India

As we continue our International expansion, we are thrilled to share and you are among the first to know that Speakeasy will be offering sessions in Bangalore in April, and Mumbai in June.

It’s important to note that the India sessions will be the same as our public executive communication courses we conduct in our US offices, and they will be delivered by our US-based instructors.

The curriculum and approach will be essentially the same as what our clients have come to expect from Speakeasy development: 2- 3 days of video-taped practice, individualized coaching, and feedback from a peer group of participants from different companies, with a focus on improving each individual’s impact and influence as a communicator.

Our CEO, Scott Weiss and a small group from Speakeasy are currently in India meeting with key contacts, both existing clients and potential new clients. Their reception has been positive and the perceived need we recognized for Western-style communication development has been validated through our interactions. Upon their return, we’ll be sharing more around our growing India strategy.

For more information, including specific locations, dates and sessions available in each city, please reach out to us at info@speakeasyinc.com.