Speakeasy offers growth in Communication Development, Communication Application and Visual Communication in learning environments in Atlanta, San Francisco and New York.

Whether it’s through sales presentations, speeches, and one-on-one meetings, or your annual report, your sales collateral, or your web presence… your ability to connect with your audience is the last critical link between you and the results you want. And, developing the communication skills you need to make that happen takes more than simple public speaking seminars or presentation training. It’s based on connection, and… it thrives on congruency. And both of those begin with you. With your connection to yourself…With your commitment to connect with others.

Scott Weiss, Speakeasy President & CEO

Scott Weiss is President, CEO of Speakeasy, a global communication consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York. The company works with executives and teams in developing the impact and effectiveness of their communication.  Last year the company worked with some 3500 executives in 10 countries.   Prior to joining Speakeasy in 1994, Weiss served for ten years at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.(Time Warner) as Executive Vice President for Turner Private Networks and Turner Home Satellite.

Weiss founded and pioneered several successful new business ventures for the company, including CNN Local Edition, and the CNN Airport Channel, now distributed in 50 Airports around the world.  Weiss is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus for the T. Howard Foundation, an “Emmy” voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and a Board of Advisors member for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Leadership Behind Speakeasy 

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