How to Master the Art of Virtual Communication

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Virtual meetings are here to stay. How to present your most authentic, engaging self to ace this ubiquitous new communication medium and differentiate your brand. Q&A Session


This behind the scenes Q&A session gives you a look into the life of  Author and CEO, Scott Weiss. Scott shares intimate detail of how he got where he is today, a few business tips that helped him along the way, who inspires him and much more… Read the full Q&A here


The Challenge of Trusting Leadership

By: Skip Prichard

What’s really in the way of your success in leading others? When others see you lead, do they see the real you? Are you living your passion and living it with authenticity? Do you lead transparently? Are you as good as your word? Scott Weiss is President and CEO of Speakeasy, Inc., a global communication consulting firm.  His book Dare: Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership will be released April 2, 2013.  Dare is a challenge to leaders everywhere to be authentic, to understand your style, and to embrace your true inner self… Read the full article on 


Why Won’t More Leaders Admit That They Don’t Have All the Answers?

By: Scott Weiss

The assumption is that leaders always know where they are going and how they’re going to get there.Most of us weren’t trained to like confusion or to admit when we feel hesitant and uncertain. In our schools and organizations, we place great value on sounding assured and confident and knowledgeable…Read the full story on


Who Gave You the ‘Cheese?’

By: Panos Mourdoukoutas, Forbes Contributor, global markets, business and investment strategy

In his best selling parable ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ Spencer Johnson uses “cheese” as metaphor for all the good things you want to have in life— good job, money, possessions, a good job, health, or spiritual peace of mind. Then he goes on to explore how the characters in the parable deal with an unexpected change – in his illustration, movement of the “cheese” from its usual location…Read the full article featuring Scott Weiss on


Entrepreneur Scott Weiss, CEO of Speakeasy

By: Johnson Cook

Continuing the series of successful entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on personal questions about how they build the person that builds their business.   Scott Weiss is the CEO of Speakeasy, an amazing organization that helps executives and entrepreneurs communicate better in every setting. I’ve written about Speakeasy before here. Now some personal energy questions for Scott…Read the full Q&A session here 


Speaking Gig Coming Up? Better Read This


By: Eric V. Holtzclaw, Lean Forward Column

I recently attended an executive-level speakers training program called “Leaders Edge” at Speakeasy in Atlanta, Georgia.  Speakeasy has been around for 38 years and conducts intense three-day coaching workshops to elevate already expert speaking skills and techniques… Read up on the expert speaking tips Eric learned from his time at Speakeasy..

Atlanta World Showcase & Governor’s International Awards

Today’s studio guests (on Results Matter Radio) were recently featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle for the Atlanta World Showcase and Governor’s International Awards Scott Weiss/Speakeasy, Inc. Finalist – International Education ProgramScott S. Weiss is President, CEO of Speakeasy, Inc., a globally renowned communication consulting form established in 1974, with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York.  The company works with executives and teams in developing the impact and effectiveness of their communication, both internally with staff and externally with their clients.  Last year the company worked with some 3,500 executives in 10 countries…Listen in on Atlanta Business Radio


Who America’s Business Leaders Trust Most

By: Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily  

The U.S. business community puts its trust in investor Warren Buffett more than any other company leader, a new poll finds. The research by communications consulting firm Speakeasy, Inc. discovered that the Omaha billionaire was held in high regard by business professionals for being plainspoken, authentic and having motivations based on more than just money. “He paints the picture of authenticity toward which people naturally gravitate,” said Scott Weiss, CEO of Speakeasy…Read the full story on Business News Daily


How to get on executive recruiters’ radar screens

By: Ann Fisher, Contributor

Scott Weiss is head of a firm called Speakeasy that has coached executives at Microsoft (MSFT), Toyota (TM), Cisco (CSCO), Wells Fargo (WFC), and many other big companies on the fine points of effective public speaking. He notes that a growing number of business events now feature live Twitter feeds that let the audience Tweet comments and questions during speeches. The Tweets often show up either on a laptop on the podium or on a giant screen set up on the stage that is visible to everyone in the room…Read the full story on

Generation Gap: How Technology Has Changed How We Talk About Work


By: Scott Weiss

We bear witness to their successes daily – the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world – smart, technologically savvy, and obviously, very young. As social and business technologies grow beyond yesterday’s expectations, so does the number of hires of these types: the “millennials.” Survey Says: Generational Differences Can Pose Problems We surveyed Fortune 500 executives across the country and found that 80% of them find communication across generations to be a most challenging issue in the workplace. In fact, many businesses are paying more attention to the generation gap now than ever before, and it all seems to boil down to how different generations perceive technology…and use it…Read the full story on Forbes


The Big White Lie: The Truth About Corporate Accountability

By Scott Weiss

Somewhere along the way, the truth got a bad reputation. It happens every day in Corporate America – senior executives receive gratuitous praise for mediocre performances. Millions of hours are lost to scripted narrators accompanied by unproductive PowerPoint decks. Yet, senior executives get away with it all the time because, let’s face it, who’s going to give an honest critique to the person at the top? When nobody speaks up, the executive doesn’t have the feedback necessary to warrant a change in his or her performance. Thus, standards are sacrificed and inefficient routines rule the boardroom…Read the full story on Forbes


Think virtual meetings are hard? You’re right

By Eric Savitz, Fortune

“Most executives today ‘grew up’ with in-person meetings where everyone was seated around a table in the same room,” says Scott Weiss, CEO of communication consulting firm Speakeasy. “So a virtual meeting is a strange environment, partly because you usually don’t get immediate feedback to let you know how you did.” Small wonder, then, that although 67% of senior managers in a new Speakeasy poll expect more virtual confabs in 2012, 62% say they’re concerned about their own skill at making the most of these meeting…Read the full story on


Leaders & Success: Take An Optimistic View

by Sonja Carberry, Investor’s Business Daily

Having a sunny outlook is one thing. Inspiring others to follow you into the light is another. Some CEOs turn to Speakeasy, a communication consultancy, to perfect their verbal abilities. “It’s a learned skill, just like anything in life,” said CEO Scott Weiss. By fine-tuning their deliveries, leaders can become top-notch persuaders. “(It’s) the ability to walk into a room of any size and move people emotionally to the destination of your choosing through the spoken word,” Weiss said…Read the full story on Investor’s Business Daily