Dare! the book has been named as finalists for another award! Thank you #hofferaward for selecting us!

Eric Hoffer Category Finalists

After our rigorous first round of judging, less than 10% of the titles become category finalists. We consider this a distinction of its own merit and, in 2008, began officially listing these titles on-line. Finalists are selected by category scoring. There are typically 1-6 books per category selected as a finalist. Finalists fall into approximately the upper 10% of all books that entered the contest. Below are the current and previous category finalists in alphabetical order by book. (Please click here to view the Montaigne Medal Finalists, da Vinci Eye Finalists or First Horizon Award Finalists.)


* A History of Stone and Steel, Christopher Fisher, Resurgent Books
* A Kick-Ass Fairy, Linda Zercoe, Hidden Oak Press
* An Orphan’s Heart, Lori Crane, Lori Crane Entertainment
* Are You Really Happy?, Deepak Chatterjee, Embassy Books
* Art & Inspiration, Souther, SG Publishing
* Ascending Spiral, Bob Rich, Marvelous Spirit Press
* Becoming Fire, Sally K. Severino, MD, Epigraph Books
* Believe?, Jose Antonio Pagola, Convivium Press
* Bible Stories and Contemporary Times in Poetic Lines, Augustine Joseph, Trafford Publishing
* Bolt, Douglas W. Rose, Three Towers Press
* Callula Xu Poetry, Callula Xu, Trafford Publishing
* Cercle et Carré and the International Spirit of Abstract Art, Lynn Boland, Laura Valeri, Catherine Dossin, Filip Lipinski, Georgia Museum of Art
* Cheechako On Wings, Brian Fortier, Trafford Publishing
* Chipset, Lior Samson, Gesher Press
* Columbia University in Pictures, Lenny Pridatlo, Luminance Press
* Crystals, Lettie Vantol, Trafford Publishing
* DARE, Scott Weiss, Greenleaf Book Group Press
* Designing a Happier Life, Lurrae Lupone, self