A Different Conversation

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Every day leaders and managers all over the world conduct meetings and large presentations.  Their default mechanism for determining content direction or focus is either based on event themes or based on what they want out of any given communication situation.  But what about the needs of the listener or audience?

“To move a listener or an audience to the destination of your choosing, you must first tap into their needs and their energy in a completely selfless manner.”

 Effective communicators are keenly aware of the power to connect with audience needs and energy.  Whether its individuals, small groups, or large audiences, they invest in preparation through meaningful conversation with a process of asking questions and validating assumptions prior to the meeting or event.  Every communication situation is unique because every listener and audience is made up of individuals.

As part of your preparation, consider asking your listener “what would make this meeting of value for you?” Or before speaking events, actually reach out to several audience members and ask them what they want to hear from you. The result may surprise you.  It’s a simple process rarely implemented but essential to effective communication regardless of the audience size or venue.

Leaders and managers who understand the power of “conversation” with mutual values and outcomes through meaningful preparation, will discover how effective communication can drive measurable and actionable results.

Scott Weiss

CEO – Speakeasy, Inc.

Author of the Amazon Best Seller “DARE!”