“The Emperor Has No Clothes” – Why Michael Bay Lost It!

“The Emperor Has No Clothes” – Why Michael Bay Lost It!

Scott Weiss – President & CEO of Speakeasy and Author of the Best Selling Book “DARE!”

scottThousands of executives just like Michael Bay do live talks and presentations every day, and every day thousands of their constituents flood them with accolades and praise when in fact, they lack the confidence, authority, and connection to deliver an effective communication.  It’s the classic case of “The Emperor Has No Clothes!”  If only these executives knew the truth, they would work harder at their capabilities.

Their lack of communication competency is underscored by their use of Teleprompters, which give these executives a false sense of their capability, and substantially interferes with their ability to connect with their audiences.  If they are in fact “subject matter experts,” why do they have to read a script off a teleprompter?  Not all executives freak out and walk off stage like Michael Bay did, but most struggle through their talks, barely reciting sentences in a way that resembles actual dialogue, because they’re “reading” not “speaking.”

So what’s a busy executive to do?  The answer is a simple one.  They need to invest the same time in learning how to be an effective communicator as they do investing time in other aspects of their leadership responsibilities.  Being an effective communicator and presenter, is a learned skill that follows a development process like any other acquired skill:

  • Self-Awareness – As the story of the “Emperor Has No Clothes” goes, very few executives know what their true capability as a communicator is.  They all believe they’re significantly better than they really are.  And the only way to get to the truth is through self-awareness gained from others who are honest, and through the use of video tape.  One cannot work on their gaps, until they know what their gaps really are!


  • Invest in a qualified instructor – Find a coach who can create unique exercises and role plays where you can explore and discover changes that can improve your ability to relax, gain comfort, work on your physical self, your voice, your authenticity, and your ability to see others and connect with them regardless of the venue.  You do not have to rely on Teleprompters or PowerPoint slides to carry you through the moment.


  • Practice – Just like any other acquired skill, you have to prepare and practice.  This requires an ongoing commitment to work on your communication craft when you’re not under the demands of a big presentation.  That way, when you are called up for the big talk, you have the confidence to execute without fear of failure.  You will own the skills that will allow you to deliver your content with great expertise.

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