Since When Has Telling the Truth Become so Hard?

Since When Has Telling the Truth Become so Hard?

As I watched the debates with my 15 year-old son, he turns to me and says; “What’s a Fact Checker?”


What is a Fact Checker? Somewhere along the way I must have missed this new profession evolve.  I somewhat imagined what a job description for a “Fact Checker” must look like. Did they earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Honesty in college, and then seek out a career to determine when public figures are lying?  I also imagined what kind of gratification one gets from catching a public figure lying. When one examines our American value system built on such pinnacles as the Ten Commandments, how strange is it that this vocation even exists. Furthermore, that it exists to validate the honesty of individuals running for the highest office in the land…the President of the United States! What’s even more fascinating, is the vocation the “Fact Checkers” have received very little attention or scrutiny.

As the value of “trust” has completely eroded in this country, it’s no surprise then that “Fact Checker” appeared on the scene with an almost expected non-response from the American public. The fact that entire television shows are now dedicating air time to Fact Checkers to discuss the honesty of public officials and we watch with enthusiasm to see who is lying or not, is an extraordinary reality of where our society is going. So why is it so hard for public figures to just tell the truth? It was my understanding that leadership was built on the foundation of honesty, honor, and trust.

If you’re a leader with responsibility and influence, I have a DARE for you. Whether you’re a school teacher, a manger in a corporation, a foreman on a factory floor, or even a football coach….If you accept my DARE, you may rethink your very perception of leadership. It may even ask you to tear down the very behaviors you’ve spent a lifetime constructing.

The DARE is simply this….Be Honest. Be Honorable. Be transparent in your personal and professional communication.  Seek out your own inner voice, and become more of you really are through your own spoken word.

Those of you who carry out my DARE, will realize surprising rewards. Deeper and richer relationships with your loved ones, your friends, your coworkers, and your customers. More self awareness, and an empathetic understanding of those around you.  And most importantly, an opportunity to thrive and reach your full potential as an individual.

Make your word good…and be as good as your word…