Most Important words in Successful Leadership…. “Thank You!”

This time of year we become accustomed to turning the page from one year to the next. Executives and their teams are pressed hard to finish one year strong and start a new one with better results than the last. Most time and energy is focused on metrics that lead to improved profitability. Rarely do leaders recognize what can motivate teams more are a few simple and very powerful words – “Thank you!”

“No matter the final P&L or next year’s budget shows, it’s important for leadership to acknowledge commitment, loyalty, and pure effort by the staff that makes it all happen. Nothing does that better than a personal message of gratitude.”

Company gifts, parties, and time off are no doubt important, however, leadership has to bring “humility” into the equation. What motivates and inspires a workforce the most is personal recognition from the top in the way of face-to-face, sincere and authentic acknowledgment of effort and contribution to success. Within the myriad of challenges to accomplish and execute successful leadership, expressing gratitude is the simplest task of any leader. Make 2017 the year you use this powerful tool to recognize your team – “Thank you!”

Scott Weiss, CEO – Speakeasy, Inc.