July 23, 2012

2 out of 3 Employees Believe their Company is Corrupt

62% of Americans believe there is widespread corruption in business. (Gallup poll)
But how did businesses get to the point where they can’t be trusted by their own people?

For business, trust may be the most critical value. It allows, of course, for the confidence to conduct our own day-to-day business transactions, but much more importantly for faith in our institutions and economy at large. That faith is what allows us, as organizations and as individuals, to plan for our futures, to think long-term, to make investments or plant seeds for tomorrow with the expectation that we will see them flourish. When that foundation of trustworthiness erodes, as we’ve recently seen in the crumbling of our financial systems, the result is profound confusion, a genuine sense of betrayal, the feeling that somehow we’ve been robbed of our very future.

As you go through your day-to-day tasks, whether it be in business or individually, ask yourself this; Am I being honest and authentic? Do I dare be transparent in my communications? Nothing is as vital to the success of every company as the way it manages communications.

Take the Dare. Be as honest with everyone you meet today as you want them to be with you. To make your word good, and become as good as your word.