“Summer Storm “, Mixed Media on Canvas, 5′ x X10′

As in nature, my paintings lack boundaries, and explore possibilities. I utilize both control of the medium and an allowance for accidental execution and spontaneous behavior. It¹s my response to the unsettling ambiguity between random acts and carefully planned creative decisions.

Although I have gone through phases utilizing different mediums, from glass to fabric, I have once again returned to the large scale canvas. The exploration of texture initiated my experimentation with a variety of mediums resulting in my current application of mixing fiberglass resin, ceramic material, and paint pigments. I have discovered a pallet of bold colors in the process, that connects me back to natural origins, its beauty and its contrasts.

Painting for me is a journey of continued exploration and discovery. Providing a peaceful experiment, which is a way for me to share with others, something unique and pleasurable.


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