accept the DARE

accept the DARE

We wake up with the alarms from our PDA’s, and we go to bed at night shutting them down only when our eyes are so heavy we can’t keep them open anymore.  What lies in-between is 17 hours of a digital stream…e-mails, texts, links, pictures, tweets, searches, clicks and more clicks.  We are bombarded with information and assaults on our time and energy from every corner of the earth.  We can stay connected with dozens if not hundreds of “friends” with content we create reflecting our business and our most personal thoughts.

The pace is a frenzy, and the “digital noise” keeps piling up at exponentially.  So why can’t we just turn it off?  Why do we feel numb at the end of the day?  Why are we so exhausted?  Why are we alone so much when we’re so connected?

What is being sacrificed as we succumb to digital noise and our 17 hour a day reliance on our PDA’s, is thoughtful contemplation, authenticity, empathy, and emotion.  The very attributes that make us “feel” and drive us to each other to form relationships, both business and personal.  The kinds of relationships that make us thrive as individuals!

Our technology “friends” are not the same as real “friends.”  Our PDA’s our very powerful and habitual tools indeed.  But they cannot take the place of real human connection.  Human connections are real…they feel back.

-Scott Weiss, Author of DARE CEO of Speakeasy Inc.