A Gift Worth Giving

A Gift Worth Giving

This holiday season is all about giving. Giving to your family, to your friends, and to your colleagues. Show appreciation for all the loyalty and hard work they put in throughout the year. As we struggle to find the perfect gift for each person, we turn to the experts who write countless gift guides for help. Sure, a nice scarf, gift card or cool gadget will fulfill tangible needs, but gift guides fail to mention a precious and valuable gift that suits everyone, not to mention its free!


Webster’s dictionary defines authenticity as “worthy of acceptance or true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” Wouldn’t it be refreshing if everyone lived their lives by the definition of authenticity? Studies, like this one from the Journal of Managerial Psychology, show that authenticity is positively associated with well-being at work. This particular study highlighted that there is a growing need to promote authenticity within organizations since it has been associated with public managers’ well-being.

Authenticity in the workplace is important and can lead to more meaningful roles, reduced turnover, increased performance and job satisfaction. Being authentic allows us to see others in their own light as opposed to our expectations of them. Each and every person within an organization should have a role in creating authenticity at work, starting from the top down. If executives and managers are true to themselves, it is more likely that employees will feel empowered to do the same.

I DARE you to be authentic everywhere you go this holiday season and beyond: at work, at home and at play. Give the gift that truly keeps on giving, not only to your peers, but to yourself, and take it one step further… Do you have a nutty boss? A colleague that lies consistently? What about your CEO? Challenge those people to be true to themselves. Spread holiday cheer and share the DARE of authenticity this season!